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The Divine Presence is expressed through me in imagery. I experience this Divinity as Feminine energy, comforting and safe, immensely strong and courageous, a carrier that grows and births the greatest force of life, her voice to be heard with respect, she holds a central place seated at the banquet of life.


Tapping into our creative fire that is our unique voice, and who we are is liberating. Open yourself to the infinite possibilities. Take the next step,  remove your expectations and let go. TRUST in the process and rise up. This is not an art class of the classic style.

This is an experience of soul to canvas

I create a safe place for a soul workshop, where I facilitate a process to express without fear or judgement. Through guided meditation I connect heart and soul to the divine energy of the universe.


I facilitate your creativity allowing you to feel and connect to

express yourself onto a canvas.


I guide you through a divine process

where you will create an intuitive painting that is special,

unique to you and to be proud of.


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1 Day workshop Testimonials

" I felt like a kid again!....For me it’s not about what the end result looks like, it’s about the incredible layers of healing and Presence I was able to achieve.... What I loved the most is that I felt ready to proceed with the day being present from the meditation. I was excited not nervous about the moments we were in and the presence of it, not seeking a final outcome. When I stood back for the final time to look at what I had just done I was amazed not at whether it was a perfect outline of her face or with any criticism it was just wow! I could feel the layers of feminine, ancestral, galactic energies in a visual story. Over the next week she continued to tell me stories and connect with me.... I love her! "  "Sue is a visionary in her creative process, she is warm, generous and a connected soul"

Victoria J Sutton’Heringhuas

Spiritual Energy Healer~ Psychic Medium Healer ~ Chakra Medicine Women 

~Founder of Chakra Medicines

~Founder of Blind Date with a Crystal 

"Sue has a deep compassion and empathy for others ...A strongly intuitive woman who senses the undercurrents of life....Very thorough and dedicated to every undertaking ... A strong sense of self-identity, and in-tune with who she is at her deepest core..."

Very creative in a beautiful practical intelligent way...."

Lynne Smith


Astrologer  |  Teacher  |  Mentor 

Aromatherapist  |  Founder of AstroScents

Natural Gemstone Jewellery  

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